Sailing in Corpus Christi Bay
June-July 2000

Sailboat:  Rainbow's end
Captain and Crew:  Bart, Dan, Ann and Rob

rainbows_end.jpg (66205 bytes) tied_up.jpg (57563 bytes) marina_row.jpg (47540 bytes) capn_bart.jpg (50948 bytes)
Rainbow's End At the
All in a row Happy
Cap'n Bart
capn_dan.jpg (57932 bytes) capn_ann.jpg (59067 bytes) capn_n_crew.jpg (64870 bytes) dan_in_charge.jpg (47910 bytes)
Cap'n Dan Cap'n Ann Super Crew Dan in Charge
skyline.jpg (56024 bytes) sunshade.jpg (58018 bytes) heeling.jpg (52387 bytes) deck_ornament.jpg (57535 bytes)
What a skyline! Enjoying the
Heeling Deck ornament
shipping_lane.jpg (47129 bytes) freighter.jpg (54706 bytes) freighter_2.jpg (58931 bytes) crew.jpg (66874 bytes)
On the lookout Greek shipping Loading docks Autopilot??
heeling_2.jpg (50911 bytes) sailin_away.jpg (58543 bytes) big_ship.jpg (47375 bytes)
Moving out Sailing away Back to sea

"Sailing" midi file