My Backyard  

                by Miriam Spengler


When things are in a turmoil

and living seems so hard,

I pick up a folding chair

and sit in my back yard.

Everything seems so peaceful

beneath a Maple tree

You could almost fall asleep

your mind is quiet and free.

It's so nice to sit and listen

to the birds in the trees,

The cardinal in it's coat of red,

singing it's song in the breeze.

The blue and pink clouds in the sky

As the sun shines on the flowers

are all colors in a rainbow - -

How brilliant when it showers!

Chubby squirrels and humming birds

Designed to please your eye;

and as I keep on looking,

I see a beautiful butterfly.

I know our God is near

Although I do not see him

I know he hears my prayers

as he guides us in his wing.

My eyes might shed a tear

In those hours of feeling blue

But as I'm sitting in my back yard

Happiness fills my life anew.

There's never a day that God forgets

and never a time he doesn't share

The prayers are heard in my back yard

I know I'm in his care.