1966 VW Camper

This classic split-windshield, Westfalia SO44 camper is located in  Manhattan, Kansas.  (The photo above is what it will look like when you take it to a coastal location. The rest of the photos were taken in Manhattan, Kansas.) Although it has basically set idle in a garage for the past 23 years, it spent most of its early life travelling the North American and European continents. This VW has to its credit 5 trips across the Atlantic and eight across the English Channel. 

The interior camping equipment is all original and in excellent condition.  The red Naugahyde upholstery was done in 1980 at the same time that the bus was totally restored and repainted to match its original burgundy and white.  The one-third pop-top is in good condition except for the rubber seal; there's a new seal in an inside cabinet just waiting to be installed. 

The first owner threw a rod on the original engine at about 45, 000 miles; the current engine was installed and has served us well since we bought the bus in 1977; the transmission and transaxle are original. The engine starts on the first revolution and has good power.  The transmission works smoothly.  The complete steering column and gear-box was replaced in 1980.  There is currently looseness in the steering which appears to be from the center pin.  Total, actual mileage on the bus is 92,804 miles.

Yes, there is isolated and manageable rust on the lower body panels and on the outrigger portions of the frame.  Two of the outriggers will need to be replaced.  I, feel, however that the bus is totally restorable.  After the undercarriage work is done and the paint is re-touched, this bus will cause heads to turn where ever it appears.  Look at the pictures below and I think you will agree.  Don't miss the links at the bottom which will take you to all the accessories and a more detailed look at the rust damage.

Send us an email message or call us at 785-313-2713 and we'll arrange for you to come look at her and take a test drive. 

(Note:  If you have visited this site before, look again because I have added more photographs of the interior of the vehicle, some accessories and parts, and, the rust damage.) 



Overall photographs and interior views
















Data plates/labels








M plate behind
passenger's seat

Westfalia plaque
SO44 model

Campmobile sticker
on side of ice box



 Interior photographs


right_side.jpg (78980 bytes)



front.jpg (64146 bytes)



left_side.JPG (66912 bytes)



right_rear_campsite.JPG (98288 bytes)



open_camper_doors.JPG (74909 bytes)

Pop-top and
all original camping



left_front.JPG (110137 bytes)

Ready to set up


dinette_table.JPG (63623 bytes)

Formica table



Front cabinets with
doors closed





ice_box.jpg (46540 bytes)

Ice-box, sink, and


Hanging closet



Sink with electric


Rear storage compart-
ments, hand holds, and
interior lights




Storage compartment
under rear seats


Flow through air
system and Nauga-
hyde head-liners


dash_front_seat.JPG (70106 bytes)

Original steering-
wheel, sun-visors,



driver_compartment.JPG (71922 bytes)

Naugahyde door
panels, and seats


Passenger's side






Spare tire compart-





Levers and pedals


        Working speed-
ometer actual
mileage 92,804


 AM/FM radio and Oxygen sticker
The original owner told me that he had
to move the cigarette lighter when he
replaced the radio.  Passengers repeatedly
asked about the empty hole.  He explained
that after he put the Oxygen sticker next to
 the hole, no one asked again.  It worked the
same way for us!












and parts

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Rust damage
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