Church History
from the regular 
Sunday Bulletin 

from the Sunday Bulletin
from July 1994 Kansas Farmer

The Sedalia Community Church
by Fred Works


On April 23, 1882, a group calling themselves the "Sedalia Union Sunday School" met for the first time. From 1889 to 1899 the present church building was constructed by members of the community, from stone quarried in the neighborhood. The church was originally known as the Sedalia Presbyterian Church.

The church continued as a place of worship in the community until 1948, when it closed because many people had moved away. The building was left standing, with minimal upkeep, hoping to reopen at a later date. Annually, on the second Sunday of September, members gathered for a "homecoming”. The tradition continues today. God was not finished with His work in the community back in 1946. He worked in a most unusual way, using an act of vandalism to bring about the reopening of the Church on April 19, 1964.

Sedalia Community Church holds worship services each Sunday morning at 8:30 A.M. and 11:00 A.M., continuing as God's voice in the Sedalia community. Sunday School opening exercises begin at 9:30A,M. Persons of many denominational backgrounds worship together in a spirit of freedom and reverence.