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Bartholomew Family Genealogy - top down 
Bartholomew Family Genealogy
- bottom up 
Family Reunion at Greg's house  (August 4, 2001)
Bart, Mary, Dan II, Ann, Rob (Christmas 2001)
Josh's birthday  (June 23, 2002)
Suzie, Helen and Rich in Kansas (July 28, 2002)
Christine and Scott's Wedding (August 31, 2002)
Summer Travels:
     Party at Jackie & Rod's house
(Sep 1, 2002)
     Trip to Dallas, TX  
     Camping in eastern Oklahoma 

Hi! I am Bart. Welcome to the portion of our site that tells about our family. This portion is for family members who are scattered around the country, but hopefully you will find it of interest if you are interested in genealogy and/or dialects.

Bart and friend, Crew

Our family name is Bartholomew. My three brothers and two sisters and I are the children of Alfred K. and Velma S. Bartholomew. We grew up on the family farm in East Allen Township, Northampton County, Pennsylvania. We Bartholomews trace our heritage to Henry Bartholomew who immigrated from Germany in 1751 and settled in eastern Pennsylvania with many other German (Deutsch) people. Over the years the Pennsylvania Deutsch (Deitsch) have become know as Pennsylvania Dutch. If you are interested in learning about the Pennsylvania Dutch customs, culture and language, please visit some of the sites that I have linked.

bulletPoem: 'N Schaerz ("An Apron" in Pennsylvania Dutch) by John Birmelin, April 14, 1939
bulletReading of 'N Schaerz in .mp3 format
bulletAddress given at the First Bartholomew Reunion, August 30, 1919

History shows that Henry Bartholomew and neighbor, John Snyder, were commissioned by the young republic to assist with the hauling of money and valuable papers in 1777 from Philadelphia, through British lines, to safety in the Allentown and Easton, Pennsylvania area.

bulletArticle, Allentown Morning Call, October 22, 1937, re: Saving Liberty Bell and Valuable Papers from the British in 1777 -8

The above article has served as the major source of the Bartholomew family tree starting from Henry Bartholomew to our father, Alfred K. Bartholomew. the linked pages are my attempt at tracing this family tree.

On the attached pages you will find older pictures of the Bartholomews and the Bartholomew farm homestead in Pennsylvania.

bulletFive Bartholomew brothers: Oliver, Lewis, Alfred, Joshua and Osborne: circa 1880-1090
bulletVelma Sarah Stewart, 1909
bulletA.K.Bartholomew and Grandmother Knauss, circa 1915
bulletA.K. and his horse, circa 1915
bulletMom and sister, Luella, early 1920's
bulletMom and Pop's wedding picture, 1925
bulletPop as Teacher, circa 1925
bulletFour generations Miller, Stewart, Bartholomew, Bartholomew circa 1926
bulletGrandparents Bartholomew, circa 1935
bulletBartholomew Farmhouse, circa 1935
bulletJosephine, circa 1938
bulletBaby Daniel, 1940
bulletJosephine, Al and Jerry, 1940
bulletAlfred, Jerome and Daniel, 1941
bulletJosephine, Alfred, Jerome and Daniel, 1941
bulletAlfred, Jerome, Daniel and Joshua, 1942
bulletAlfred, Jerome, Daniel and Joshua, circa 1944
bulletJosephine and Jacqueline, 1946
bulletJo as May Queen circa 1945
bulletMom and Dad (A.K. and Velma) - last photo for church directory
bullet Bartholomew Family Genealogy - top down 
bulletBartholomew Family Genealogy - bottom up 

This is a more recent picture of the six children of A.K. and Velma Bartholomew. From this picture you will find links to other pictures of their families.

bulletSix Bartholomew children (taken July 2000)
bulletBartholomew Family Gathering, 1999
bulletBartholomew Family Gathering, 2001
bulletSix Bartholomew children, 1994
bulletThe Grandchildren, 1979

Hi! I am Mary. I became a Bartholomew when I married Daniel (Bart) on October 29, 1966.

Mary and friend, Tig-grrrr

Bart and Mary have two children. Both children were born while Bart was in the Army stationed at Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

Dan and Caleb Ann and husband, Rob

We lived many places in the US and overseas during the 26 years that Bart served as an officer in the US Army. We are now at home in quiet, peaceful Kansas. After moving to Kansas, Bart taught 7th grade students mathemaics at Eisenhower Middle School; Mary is a home maker.

bulletFamily photo on deck in Kansas
bulletTAKE FIVE on Tuttle Reservoir
bulletChristmas 1999
bulletSailing in Corpus Christi Bay (June-July 2000
bulletChristmas 2000
bulletSledding party
bulletBart and Mary (New Year's Eve 2001
bullet Mary, Bart, Ann, Dan II (Memorial Day, 2001)
bulletSummer Travels (2001)
bulletBart, Mary, Dan II, Ann, Rob (Christmas 2001)
bulletSummer Travels (2002)

Other family photos: these are photos of just a few of the Bartholomew nieces, nephews, and grandnieces and nephews.

bulletChristine and Scott's Wedding (August 31, 2002)
bullet Suzie, Helen and Rich in Kansas (July 28, 2002)
bullet Josh's birthday  (June 23, 2002)
bullet Family Reunion at Greg's house  (August 4, 2001)
bulletThird Millennium Bartholomews 
bulletDan, Ann, Mary Beth and Raymond
bulletBarbara Sue
bulletBarbara and family
bulletJerry and Helen's daughters
bulletThe Raymster - the second youngest in the clan
bulletMorgan Parker- the youngest!
bulletMary Beth, Morgan, and Parker (Easter 99)
bulletJosh and Erika - part of the North Carolina contingent of the clan
bulletJan and Jerry - on the Michigan front
bulletGracie - Jan and Jerry's best friend